At Gakona Lodge, we believe that treating others as we’d like to be treated and community are among the most important things in life. With our latest revision of our website, we wanted to add a page that would directly reflect and share with our guests and friends those things that are important to us. While we strive every day at the lodge to absolutely delight our guests and patrons, we have made it our mission to start thinking bigger, to start with our community and strive to be global. As such, starting in 2018, we are giving at least 10% of our revenues to mission and humanitarian organizations. We are also starting crowd funding campaigns in an effort to more quickly rehabilitate the Historic Gakona Lodge and Trading Post facilities. Please click on the buttons below (or scroll down) for specifics and ongoing projects, and we’ll keep you posted on our news and events page as well.

Our Expanded Mission

Missions & Humanitarian Giving

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Giving is important, and in our few years as entrepreneurs, we’ve come to realize that when giving becomes your focus, everything you do has a purpose.

Project & Event Fundraising

Crowdfunding has become a big way to get folks involved in causes you hold dear. It feels like we’ve been running a million miles an hour trying to do repairs and restoration projects at the lodge and add new events for the community. If you want to help, click on the button below to learn more. If not, that’s ok too. You can still click below and learn more.


Charities And Missions We Work With...

The King's Ransom Foundation

The King’s Ransom Foundation is a charity that is sponsored by Destiny Global, a for profit company that covers virtually all of the overhead of the charity. As such, nearly 100% of funds donated to the King’s Ransom Foundation goes toward executing it’s mission. King’s Ransom works in a multitude of nations to provide clean water for those that don’t have it, to give food to orphaned children, to rescue children out of the disgusting sex trade, and to build homes for those that don’t have it. 

The King’s Ransom Foundation does some amazing work! We believe in and give to their cause and would encourage you to learn more about them for yourself. Click on either of the emblems to the right to go to their page and learn more. 

King's Ransom Logo
Living Hope Logo

Living Hope for Honduras

The Living Hope for Honduras is a Church of Christ sponsored mission to help the poverty-stricken peoples of Honduras in a variety of ways. From building homes to putting children through school to providing food and clean water, this dedicated group does a lot of good for a lot of people. Click on the logo on the left to learn more about them.

Reaching Africa's Unreached

Reaching Africa’s Unreached is a non-denominational mission group that was founded by Jacob and Carol Lee. Jacob was one of Clif’s teachers when Clif was in middle school, and an excellent role model for Clif growing up. Despite dedicating themselves to being excellent parents, coaches, and teachers of their own children and others’ children, the Lee’s felt called to think even bigger and have more of an impact than most teachers may. Consequently, a few years back, they up and relocated to northern Uganda to help those that are truly in need.

Check out their site and consider giving. They are fantastic people doing amazing work for people located in very remote villages in northern Uganda. You won’t meet two nicer or more dedicated people.


Untold Promise

This charity is a new one. It is our homegrown effort at putting our own stamp on making the world a better place. We (Clif & Rebecca), like the Lees mentioned above, have felt a calling in our hearts to do something much, much bigger than ourselves and for those that have a lot less than we do. If you’ve had the good fortune of being born in the United States, or most countries in western society for that matter, then those less fortunate than you applies to most of the rest of the world.

We don’t have a website up for Untold Promise, and we’ll spend some money on branding and other functions in the coming months. We aren’t taking any donations or anything as of yet as we are still in the early stages of things and need to get everything completely set up and in compliance. We just wanted to go ahead and start getting the work out.

The Never Ending Story

Project & Event Fundraising

Remember that “deferred maintenance” that we mentioned folks working to catch up on in some of the sections of the site? Well, whether you do or not, that’s ok. We like to joke and say that we are catching up on about 80 years of deferred maintenance. That’s not easy to do. It definitely presents a good ol’ fashion chicken or egg scenario for us. Do we work on making things prettier and more comfortable for guests, or do we focus on behind the scenes repairs and modifications that are desperately needed for the long-term survivability and function of the place?

Well, we sort of have to do both. If you have stayed with us and appreciated our service-oriented nature or just thought the place was kind of magical like we do, consider donating to one of our fundraising campaigns. Campaigns are set up for specific purposes, so feel free to pick whichever one speaks to you the most: facilities, community events, etc. We thank you so much for your consideration and support, and we’ll keep you posted on what we’ve got going on through our newsletter and posts on our news and events page.

What Our Guests Are Saying About Us...

Carabiniero8 - New York
Real Alaskan, rustic experience with all the modern amenities
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Stayed here with my husband on our way to a camping trip in the Alaska Range. Love the historic grounds - lots of character and charm with beautifully decorated room and cabin interiors. We stayed in the main lodge. Great location - the Gakona river runs right outside the lodge and the world famous Copper river is across the road. Richardson highway (with access to Glennallen, Copper River fishing, Denali highway and Paxson) nearby. The young couple that just bought the place last year are wonderful hosts and are really accommodating. They run different excursions for those who are interested.
Bottom line: great place to stay, clean, comfortable, full of Alaskan character (and some interesting regular guests who are Alaskan characters 🙂 This is the real deal - if you want to experience the real Alaska, I highly recommend this place.
Isabelle - France
"We loved this place"
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We loved this place! Such lovely atmosphere. They kept some old fashioned objects but the bathroom was very clean and very confortable mattress- We stayed in a room in the old building. Very friendly and helpful staff.We had a flat tire, they help us to fix it and reniflante it to be able to go until the garage... beautiful situation next to a river with view on mountains! I'll come back
Snevets4 - Pennsylvania
Great stay at Gakona Lodge
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Interesting place to stay, lots of Alaskan character. Staff is wonderful, new owners are down to Earth young couple who have served their country and now are trying to make this beautiful gem even better. Wish them all the best in this adventure!! If you like rustic, homey, quiet, clean and comfortable cabins, this is the place for you. The whole grounds especially the bar and dining room just radiates character and charm. The continental breakfast was delicious, we did not eat in the dining room. Chatter in the bar with some of the locals was a treat. If you are looking for marble counters, shiny mirrors, wait staff dressed in black and white, and curt unpleasant staff - this place is NOT for you. Otherwise, check it out. A real treasure. Good luck Cliff, enjoyed talking with you.
Terri - California
Rustic, feels like Alaska
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I couldn't find a hotel in Copper Center or Glennallen so I looked at the map and saw a town called Gakona. Booked our stay at the Gakona Lodge and I am glad we did. It is a historic site with a main cabin with check-in, a cabin with the bar and a cabin with the restaurant. There are a few more cabins for overnight stays. All next to a beautiful river running behind it. We met the owners who are a young former military family with four very small kids. They are making a go of in in Alaska. He runs the property and she cooks the meals in the restaurant. Our cabin had two small bedrooms and bathroom, small kitchen and living room. You can imagine being an Alaskan pioneer living in the woods. We sat and played monopoly until 1 am enjoying the family style cabin with the sun out all hours. We overslept and missed breakfast but since there was a kitchen we made grilled cheese sandwiches with our lunch supplies. All great.
Jessica R. - USA
"Perfect area for families"
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We had been driving for what seemed like forever and wanted a drink. There was nothing around... All of a sudden, we found y'all! We got drinks, met some adorable dogs, and loved the lodge. It's a perfect area for families to play around there. There's lots to do. Great place.
Marcie P. - Hawaii
This was a last minute reservation and it turned out to be a wonderful experience.
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We arrived just after the Carriage House had closed for dinner but they handed us menus, we ordered our food and it was delicious...desert and all. The dining room is in an amazing old log building, full of character. Our room was large, very clean and comfortable. We were suppose to be in a smaller room upstairs but they had a cancellation so they put us in the downstairs room AND they were going to give it to us for the lesser rate of the upstairs room but I said no please charge us the published rate for the room. It is owned by a sweet young couple who couldn't have done enough for us. I would go back with no hesitation and highly recommend it to anyone traveling in the area.