This Page is Under Construction! Bare With Us As We Figure This Part Out...

Just like our blog page, this one is going to take a little more time. We have gone ahead and made it accessible, but as you can see, there really isn’t anything here yet.

What you can expect here...

Well, to be honest, we’re working on that. We intend to offer things that we sell on site, but we also intend to offer things that would be useful to folks on trips to Alaska or even trips to other places to do similar outdoor things like you would in Alaska. Again, just like the blog page, the goal here is to be as useful to our visitors as possible. 

Can't I just get everything you are likely to offer on Amazon?

The answer here is “probably so”. However, we aren’t trying to be the next Amazon, Walmart, or [Insert Your Favorite Retailer Here]. We are just looking to offer high quality products more directly from manufacturers at a reasonable rate. You are not likely to see anything on here that we haven’t or don’t continue to use. At some point, our store and our blog page will blend a bit as we give you reviews on solid products as well. 

Thanks again, and stay tuned.